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3 bed · 3.5 bath · 2,451 sqft

Owner, Adam Terracina, grew up working in construction since 1989. That’s when his family made the move from Texas to North Carolina. His dad, James, began working for Jud Ammons, a hall of fame inductee by the Home Builders Association and the city of Raleigh. James also worked with another gentleman building new homes. Regarding growing up in construction, Adam says “As it often goes in the construction industry, if your father is in construction, no matter how old you are, you’re in construction too. Jud also became like a second father to me. He taught me a lot about running a business and building homes, but mostly, he helped to mould me into a man who strives for integrity. I can’t say I get it right every time, but if you’re around me long enough, I hope it’s evident that it’s a focus.”

Adam worked nights, weekends, holidays and summers in construction. After graduating from NC State with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, a concentration in Marketing, and a Minor in Accounting, Adam decided to go to work with his dad. By this time James had moved from new construction to remodeling for a change of scenery. Adam managed his dad’s company for two years until James was ready to retire. Adam founded AJT Construction, Inc. in 2008 with some of the same customers and work crews from his dad’s company. James stuck around to help get things rolling the first year.

Adam started out doing interior remodeling, roofing, and siding before building additions and new construction. On the topic of the work he does, Adam says “I still enjoy remodeling, roofing, and siding. It’s also really exciting to be building houses again.  So we now have 3 divisions: Siding & Roofing, Additions & Remodels, and New Construction.  Our motto for all divisions is pretty simple, Serve our community, Build quality projects, and Create lasting impressions.”


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